Bring ChatGPT
to your team

Instant access to internal knowledge
just by chat

Teamie AI - Bring ChatGPT to your team | Product Hunt

Ask Any Question,
Your Way

Get help with your tasks

Ask about your tasks. Get related information to complete your tasks faster.

Review works in the past

Review works done by you and your team. Gain insights by learning from the past.

Ask for IT support

No more waiting for IT support to solve your tickets. Get guidance to troubleshoot your issues.

better employee experience

Ask about how company policies affect you. Know how to achieve work-life balance.

Just like a smart
support staff

Cite Sources

Teamie cites sources where the answer is based upon, giving full guidance if you want to look further

One-Click Email Support

Teamie sends email to related staff if question can't be answered, in one-click


Teamie analyzes conversations and gives you insights on how to improve knowledge base

Access restrictions

Teamie enforces restrictions in knowledge base and does not provide answers for the unauthorized

How Teamie Helps
Your Team

How Teamie Works

Connect Apps your team uses

With 10+ integrations, Teamie gathers a knowledge base from your team's documentations.

Teamie processes information with AI

Teamie summarizes and extracts information using Natural Language Processing (NLP) models.

Organized information available in chat

Talk with Teamie and get problems solved in seconds.

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